Fuel Injection Basics 3rd Edition is the ultimate book to help you get a baseline on working with mechanical injection. This is THE book that everyone talks about when looking for answers to Mechanical Injection questions. Recommended By Hilborn and used by Top Fuel and Funny Car Teams, Pro Mod, Drag Bike, Monster Truck, Pulling, Bonneville and Road Racing teams too. If you are contemplating running a Mechanical System on your race vehicle, you can't afford to guess. Fuel Injection Basics 3rd edition will put you on the right track the FIRST time.

There's an old saying that a house is only as good as the foundation it is built upon. The same hold true with race engines. If you guess at your tuneup, you will most likely spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily in broken and burned up parts, not to mention frustration and aggravation. Why get yourself all worked up?

Topics covered are :

Buy Fuel Injection Basics 3rd Edition and take the mystery out of setting up your injection.

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