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Re: Mo Town (Packard Plant)

Postby pdog » Sun Nov 10, 2013 10:15 am

Eagle1 wrote:It is not just Detroit. Several times a year I fly along the shore of Lake MI. The great industrial steel industry is just a rusting hulk and abandon buildings. It is the rust belt. Go to Chicago, St. Louis, Indianapolis, Moline, etc. The greatness this country had in manufacturing is long gone. The cel phones and constant communication has made the younger generation zombies.Pretty soon they will all be like the " Borg ". How about all the pharmaceutical drugs that we have now. We are constantly bombarded with information of all these different ailments and there is some "wonder drug" that will fix it or allow us to cope. All these ailments were here before. Now they just have fancier names. It could all be described as laziness, no ambition, ignorance, losers. I know people who gets SS disability for being "depressed" They are depressed because they don't have a job. Another one gets it for " alcoholism ". I can't even get employees that can actually come to work and work 40 hours. And I don't mean minimum wages. The " psycho drama " of their life overrides their ability to work. They don't even call in. They send a text message. They have been raised in an environment where everyone gets a participation ribbon and they are all winners and mediocrity is acceptable. They all have the notion of entitlement. The real root of the problem is there is no competitiveness. In real life there are winners and losers. The problem is the "losers" are in the greatest majority now.

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Re: Mo Town (Packard Plant)

Postby admin » Sun Nov 10, 2013 3:23 pm

Probably the most cogent explanation of todays society as I have ever read. Id like to repost this in some other forums.
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Re: Mo Town (Packard Plant)

Postby Eagle1 » Sun Nov 10, 2013 9:30 pm

admin wrote:Probably the most cogent explanation of todays society as I have ever read. Id like to repost this in some other forums.

Fine with me.
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