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Protect Your Eyes!

PostPosted: Sun Apr 16, 2017 3:05 pm
by admin
The Summer and warm weather is just about here and there is a subject that is rarely discussed if ever. That is Sun Protection. Yes, we all know about SPF numbers and keeping our skin protected from the sun, but we hardly ever talk about our eyes. In our sport, there isn't a body part MORE important than our eyes. Without them, it's over.. There ain't no drag racing for us (and please don't tell me about Jay Blake or Dave edstron. You all know what I'm talking about..
So here is a nice little very inexpensive tip that I want to pass on.
Go to AMAZON and search for AEVOGUE sunglasses. THis is a company (Chinese I'm sure) tht produces a large line of Polarized (that's where the protection comes in) sunglasses in a variety of styles. The average cost is about $13.00 and the glasses are surprisingly high quality.. There isn't that bizarre distortion that dollar store glasses have and the hinges seem to be pretty sturdy.. The lenses are crystal clear (in terms of visual quality, not tint LOL) and they all come with a nice little carry bag that you will promptly lose...

The styles are nice from Retro, to Ultra Modern Crazy, to classic Aviator style.. Choice of lens tints from smoke to green to that Oakley Red and others.

For the money, it's a inexpensive way to protect your vision

I ordered a couple of pair and they came very quicky. They are shipped from Lexington Kentucky so they should arrive within a couple of days. Here is the Amazon link so go check them out.. ... sunglasses