Nothing is cheap, and nothing is easy anymore. trying to make ends meet is a full time job for most of us. Fortunately, there are people and companies who understand that we provide a very important service to racers and those who want to understand the workings of a system as complex as a race car. We all work hard for our money and the last thing that any of us want to do is to waste it by paying too much for the parts that we need. Our Sponsors here at HRE.COM are committed to working with our members to bring them the highest quality parts at the most reasonable prices. Mention that you are a member of HRE.Com and you will get the best pricing available. Like they say in New York "It's like having an Uncle in the business!"

Oh and don't think you can pretend to be a member if you're not. You don't know the secret handshake and our sponsors will quiz you on that.

But if you ARE a member of HRE.COM, then you can take advantage of that membership by patronizing our sponsors who will tighten you up with the best deals, the best parts, the best service and you get to talk to people who actually know what they heck they're talking about. Try getting that kind of service from a big catalog house. Click on any of our Sponsors Banners and take a quick trip to their website. Have a look around and tell them that you found them at HRE.COM.

Hey, even if you're silly enough NOT to join HRE.COM, call our sponsors anyway and tell them that you saw it here. You'd be surprised at how well you get treated by them. Then you can think to yourself, "Wow! How good would they have treated me if I WAS a member?" Well, there's only one way to find out, and if you like to click on links, here is one that will take you to a magical place where you can find out the answer to that a whole lot more Click Here

Once you've gone and signed up (face it, you really want to join. You can't sit in the garage for the rest of your life. You need friends. Hey! We're here for you!) You will be more than surprised at the camaraderie and helpful people that populate HRE.COM. Why do you think our sponsors are so willing to work with us? It's because of the quality of membership. We work tirelessly to bring the best to you in terms of information. Our sponsors do the same in terms of parts, equipment and knowledge. Give them a call.

Remember to tell them that you found them at HRE.COM!

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